Let's Make SUM Magic Together

SUM Booth

Our goal is to deliver clients and their guests the very best of photography, design and technology all packaged in a fun and memorable experience. With nearly a decade in the industry, we offer a wide array of photo booth services for your next private event, social affair or client activation — standard photos, green screen photo booths, gif booths, custom trading cards, cookie booths and more.

green screen photo booth
austin photo booth

Quality Counts

Whether it's the design, the photo booth, the images or the final product, we care way more than we should about everything looking as best as possible.

Focused Photography

Photo booth, photo marketing, photo activation — whatever you call it, there's a common denominator. Photos. And we aim to make each one look awesome.

Let's Get Technical

The industry has evolved greatly over the years, and we've evolved with it. Unique formats like gifs or videos? Instant sharing? Edible images? Ok, the last one isn't very techy, but it's delicious.